Andy Shore
Contra & Square Dance Caller & Instructor

Welcome to!

I've moved back to Northern California near Santa Cruz!

These days I'm primarily a Contra Dance Caller, calling mostly around the Monterey Bay and San Francisco Bay areas of Northern California. But I travel frequently and would love to come call your contra dance!

I began calling Modern Western Squares in 1989, I was club caller for El Camino Reelers in Palo Alto and taught beginners classes for Foggy City Dancers in San Francisco where I also did some calling/teaching for Midnight Squares.

I am also a caller coach, working with both new and experienced callers. I've been on the staff of the GCA callers' school (2003), Rhythm Records callers' school (2001, 2003), the Northeast callers' school (October 2006), and the Alguire Memorial Callers School (August 2011).

In my contra calling career, I've co-called two weekend festivals - GODS dance (Gainesville 2013) and Orange Blossom Ball (Orlando 2014).

I am a member of CALLERLAB, and a past president of the Gay Callers Association. I was a member of the Santa Clara Valley Callers Association. I am BMI & ASCAP licensed. I call everything from fun nights through C1. I am also a member of the Country Dance and Song Society. I've been calling Contra Dances since 2007 and call them frequently. In 2014, I received my 25 Years in Calling certificate at the CALLERLAB convention in Reno, NV.

I've called in 25 US States, the District of Columbia, and in Vancouver and Toronto Canada. In 1993 I traveled with a group of Gay & Lesbian square dancers to Russia and Latvia & got to teach and call with a simultaneous translator! In 1996 I went with another group to Australia (where less translation was needed). I have called at the 49th National Square Dance Convention in Baltimore, MD (2000), the 50th National in Anaheim, CA (2001), the 51st National in St. Paul, MN (2002), the 53rd National in Denver, CO (2004), the 54th National in Portland, OR (2005), the 55th National in San Antonio, TX (2006), and the 58th National in Long Beach, CA (2009). I was on staff at the 1992 (Albuquerque), 1996 (SF), 2003 (San Diego), 2004 (Phoenix), 2005 (Santa Clara), and 2011 (Atlanta) conventions of the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. I have also called at several California State Square Dance Conventions. I'm available to call your dance!

In 2002, Betsy Gotta passed on the Golden Boot Award to me at the 19th annual IAGSDC convention. I awarded it to Rick Hawes at the 20th convention in 2003.

Also see my page in the IAGSDC history wiki and my Facebook Fan Page.

I serve on the board of Lavendar Country and Folk Dancers, and was a member of the board of trustees of St. Mark's School of Texas in Dallas, TX from 2007-2010.

I live in the Santa Cruz/Monterey Bay area of Northern California and look forward to calling for your dance or other event! Yes, I travel!

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I'll be calling at the following events:

2015 2015 Events & Dances
November 21 (attending) Gender Role-Free Contra Dance, Palm Springs, CA
December 19 calling BACDS SF contras, music by Lewis Santer, Brian Theriault, and Chris Knepper, San Francisco, CA
December 27 calling TDOGS contra dance, music by Ben Schreiber & Paul Machlis, Hayward, CA
2016 2016 Events & Dances
January 8 calling Circle Left contras, Oakland, CA
January 9 calling NBCDS Marin contras, details TBA
January 15-17 (attending) Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend
January 23 calling BAQCD Queer Contras, Oakland, CA
music by Tripleplay (Chris Knepper, Ben Schreiber, Charlie Hancock) 
February 6 calling MCDC contras, Monterey, CA
February 13 calling CCCDS contra dance, San Luis Obispo, CA
February 26-28 (attending) Fiddling Frog Dance Festival, Pasadena, CA
March 21-23* (not attending) CALLERLAB convention, Norfolk, VA
April 8-10 (attending) SFBQDC Queer Contra Dance Camp, Aptos, CA
April 15-17* (not attending?) NEFFA, Mansfield, MA
May 6-8 calling LCFD Spring Contra Dance Camp, Woodstock, CT
I'll be the staff contra caller! English led by Tom Roby
music by Frost and Fire
May 20 calling San Diego 3rd Friday Contra, San Diego, CA
music TBA
May 21 calling Los Angeles 3rd Saturday Contra, South Pasadena, CA
music by Rhythm Method String Band
June 22-25* 65th National Square Dance Convention, Des Moines, IA
July 1-4 (attending) Maple Leafs Regroup, my 30th convention!
33rd Annual IAGSDC Convention, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Looks like there will be a contra dance session!
2017 2017 Events & Dances
June 29-July 3 (attending) Palm Springs Swing & Mix,
34th Annual IAGSDC Convention, Palm Springs, CA
* my attendance or participation is currently tentative at the starred (*) events
I'm available for travel! Book me for your contra or square dance event!

Contra Calling

I don't have many good videos of me calling contras (yet!). But here are a few.

A Blast from the Past

Back in old times, Foggy City Dancers had a square dance performance team. I did some "calling" for the team. They were highly rehearsed and expertly choreographed by Steve Browning. Dancers were taught not to listen to the "caller" much but to do the routine as memorized. Here are a few YouTube's of performaces where I was doing the calling.

Various Goodies

Contra Dance "Checkers" **NEW!!**

PDF file of "checkers" for working out choreography. Print it on heavy card stock and get it laminated front and back at an office supply store. Then cut them out to use for working out choreography.
You'll need Adobe Reader to view and print the PDF file.

Blank Squares "CornerFinder"

2 page PDF file of "blank squares" for writing down squares. I print up multiple duplexed copies and staple them to carry in my caller case.
You'll need Adobe Reader to view and print the PDF file.

Singing Call Figures - Second Edition, revised (July 2010)

I've updated and expanded my collection of Singing Call figures. The collection features nearly 500 figures for Basic through Plus - all downloadable for free. See the collection itself for more information.

It's currently available only as one downloadable PDF file (96 printed pages, about 364KB). Constructive suggestions for improving the content and presentation are welcome!

Note that the revised edition is only cosmetic - updating my email address and home page link as well as a few small changes. No figures have been added or removed.

Singing Call Figures (Second Edition - revised 21 July 2010).
You'll need Adobe Reader to view & print the PDF file.

The figures have been added to Vic Ceder's database of singing call figures at

Rhythm Records Caller School Notes & Links

I was on staff with Wade Driver & Mike Seastrom at the 2001 and 2003 Rhythm Records Callers School in Laughlin, NV. Among other things, I presented a session on using digital music for square dance calling. Here are my notes from that session.

Running Wild

Here's a little sound bite from one of my favorite movies. It just happens to mention square dancing.


I've been a member of CALLERLAB since 1991 and have attended 19 CALLERLAB conventions since then. In 2002 & 2003, I ran (unsuccessfully) for the Board of Governors. In 2014, I received my 25 Years in Calling certificate at the CALLERLAB convention in Reno, NV.

Teaching Tips Panel Presentations

At the 2002 convention in Richmond VA, Tim Marriner and I presented a panel on Teaching Tips for Mainstream. Here is the original handout from that session, and an updated version by Tim. In San Antonio in 2003, Tim and I presented Teaching Tips for Plus and here is the original handout from that session and an updated version based on the session comments. In 2004 at the convention in Reno, Tim and I presented a Best of Teaching Tips session and here is the handout from that.

Alternative Patter Music

I have also presented in the Alternative Patter Music sessions organized by Clark Baker in 2002 and 2003. See Clark's page for information on those successful sessions.

Recruiting Tips

At the 2004 convention in Reno, NV, I was on a panel with Eric Henerlau and Mike Seastrom about tips for effective recruiting and retention of newer dancers. Here is my handout from that session.

The Callerlab Foundation for the Preservation & Promotion of Square Dancing

I'm the former Chairman of the now defunct Callerlab Foundation Fund-Raising Committee - a committee chartered to help raise funds for The Callerlab Foundation. While the committee has been superceded, the Foundation still exists. If you've found the resources on this page useful, or if you just think Square Dancing is an activity worth promoting, please consider giving to the Foundation.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the Callerlab Foundation!

Here's an article I wrote about the Foundation and some fundraising experiences and ideas. It has appeared in Callerlab's Direction publication and in American Square Dance magazine.

Link-Up for the Foundation

I'm starting a grass-roots movement to get square dance web sites to create links like the one above that encourage giving to the Callerlab Foundation. Here's how you can add a link like the one above to your web site.

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